From Rome to Ostuni: A Comprehensive Road Trip Itinerary through History, Nature, and Gastronomy


A road trip from Rome to Ostuni can unfold as a unique experience, an opportunity to discover different facets of Italy, from cities steeped in history to natural landscapes, all the way to culinary variety. This one-week itinerary provides insights and tips on how to organize a car journey through some of the most evocative locations in central and southern Italy.

1. Rome: A Dive into History

Rome, globally renowned for its invaluable historical and cultural heritage, serves as the starting point of this itinerary. The city offers a vast array of places to explore, providing an initial taste of the journey through Italy.

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2. From Rome to Naples

Route: A1, approximately 225km

The journey continues towards Naples, a city of many facets. Beyond its historical and architectural beauties, such as the Cathedral and Castel dell'Ovo, Naples offers a dive into authentic flavors with its famous culinary tradition.

3. From Naples to Matera

Route: A16 and SS407, approximately 250km

The next stop leads to Matera, known for its Sassi and the moon-like landscape that surrounds it. Matera, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, tells stories of ancient times among its rock-cut dwellings and cave churches.

4. From Matera to Alberobello

Route: SS99 and SS172, approximately 80km

The journey proceeds towards Alberobello, famous for its trulli, distinctive conical constructions that lend the landscape a unique character. Alberobello offers a one-of-a-kind experience, with its cobblestone streets and small artisan shops.


5. From Alberobello to Lecce

Route: SS172 and SS613, approximately 150km

The itinerary then leads to Lecce, the heart of Apulian baroque. Lecce offers an experience rich in history, art, and culture, with its churches, historical buildings, and lively squares.

6. From Lecce to Ostuni

Route: SS613 and SS16, approximately 80km

The final stop of the journey is Ostuni, the "White City" of Puglia. Ostuni stands out for its white dwellings, labyrinthine streets, and views over the Adriatic Sea. A visit to the historic center, nearby beaches, and tasting of Apulian cuisine complete the travel experience.

This itinerary from Rome to Ostuni offers a journey through the diversity and richness of central and southern Italy. Each stop presents a unique mix of history, culture, and nature, providing a taste of Italian traditions and landscapes. It is hoped that this route may serve as inspiration for future travels along Italian roads, discovering new places and flavors.

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