Discovering Rome: 5 Unmissable Itineraries with Your Car Rental

Rome, the "Eternal City," is one of the world's richest historical destinations. Walking its streets is like flipping through the pages of a book that tells millennia of history, culture, art, and gastronomy. If you truly want to savor every corner of this magnificent metropolis, prepare to discover less-traveled itineraries and hidden wonders.

Itinerary 1: The Appian Way

The Appian Way, also known as "The Queen of Roads," is one of the most significant examples of ancient Roman road engineering. Named by the Romans themselves, this designation underscores its importance and prestige. The road has maintained its relevance over the centuries, not only as a work of art but also as a historical testament to the construction capabilities of the Roman Empire.


History and Importance: Built in 312 BC by the censor Appius Claudius Caecus, the Appian Way was much more than a simple road: it was a symbol of power and connection. Extending from Rome to the port of Brindisi, it facilitated movements and trade, thus contributing to the strengthening of the Roman economy and the spread of Roman culture in the Mediterranean.

Points of Interest along the Appian Way:

Stopover Tips: Park near the Caffarella Park, a green oasis perfect for a relaxing break.

Itinerary 2: Rione Monti

Rione Monti stands out as one of Rome's most fascinating areas, serving as a bridge between past and present. This district, being the first among those of the Capital, has seen the birth and growth of the eternal city, preserving over time its unique spirit, which combines the vitality of a contemporary urban center with the deep historical roots of ancient Rome.

History and Culture: Rione Monti boasts a history dating back to ancient Rome when it was populated by the plebeians, the class of non-aristocratic citizens. Although its demographics and function have changed over the centuries, the neighborhood has always retained a genuine and lively character. In modern times, Monti has become a hotbed of creativity, attracting artists, writers, and young innovators, transforming into a cosmopolitan meeting place.

Points of Interest in Rione Monti:

Culinary Tips: Stop the car and enjoy a meal at "La Carbonara," a historic Roman trattoria.

Itinerary 3: The Seven Hills of Rome

The city of Rome, known as the Eternal City, is born from an intricate fabric of myths, history, and culture, and its seven hills are the key to understanding its evolution over the centuries. This itinerary invites you to explore each of these hills, revealing their secrets and hidden treasures.

Description of the Hills:

Itinerary 4: EUR District

The EUR district of Rome represents an important testimony to the urban planning and architecture of the fascist era in Italy. Conceived as a symbol of modernity and Italian expansion, today the EUR is a historical and architectural testimony, as well as a lively residential and commercial neighborhood.


Points of Interest in the EUR District:

In addition to these places of interest, the EUR offers many other notable buildings and areas of interest. The EUR Pond is an artificial lake surrounded by parks and open spaces, a popular place for walks and recreational activities. The Marconi Obelisk, dedicated to the inventor Guglielmo Marconi, stands imposing in the district, as do many modern churches and other public structures.

Itinerary 5: The Castelli Romani Area

The Castelli Romani area is a hilly district on the outskirts of Rome, a place of ancient traditions, rich in history and natural beauty. This area, famous for its temperate climate, has always represented an escape from the summer heat of Rome for emperors, cardinals, and, more recently, for the Romans themselves.

Points of Interest in the Castelli Romani Area:

Other Places of Interest in the Castelli Romani:

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