Excursions in Sardinia Away from the Sea: A Unique Guide for Road Adventure

Sardinia, with its white beaches and imposing cliffs, is often associated with a seaside destination. But there is much more to discover on this wonderful Italian island. This article, dedicated to those who wish to explore Sardinia beyond the beaches, offers a detailed guide to the best non-seaside excursions, accessible by car.

The Inner Regions of Sardinia

The hinterland of Sardinia is a hidden treasure of landscapes, traditions, and emotions. Here is an overview of some of the inner regions:


Located in the heart of Sardinia, Barbagia is a mountainous area that enchants with its wild landscapes, lush forests, and perched villages. Tradition is palpable in every corner, from the murals of Orgosolo to the polyphonic songs of Oliena. The local cuisine is a unique experience, with dishes like roasted piglet and culurgiones.

Recommended excursions:


Gennargentu is the mountainous region of Sardinia, with the island's highest peaks. Its mountains, forests, lakes, and rivers create an ideal environment for lovers of trekking, climbing, and mountain biking.

Recommended excursions:


Sardinia's mining history comes to life in this region, with its ancient mines, caves, and museums dedicated to the extractive industry.

Recommended excursions:

Must-See Excursions

Sardinia offers a wide range of excursions for every type of traveler. Here are some of the most suggestive:

Excursion to the Su Marmuri Caves

A subterranean limestone labyrinth, the Su Marmuri Caves in Ulassai are famous for their incredible formations. With a constant temperature of 10°C, they are visitable all year round.

Trekking in the Gennargentu National Park

From easy walks to challenging routes, the National Park offers something for everyone. Don't miss the opportunity to see the mouflon, a symbol of Sardinian fauna.

The Scenic Road of Costa Verde

Even if you are looking for non-seaside excursions, this scenic road offers spectacular views of the hinterland. It can be explored comfortably by car, ideal for those who have rented a vehicle.


The Nuraghi are ancient stone towers dating back to the Bronze Age. The Nuraghe Barumini is the most famous, but there are over 7000 scattered throughout the island, each with a unique story.

Taste and Tradition

A gastronomic tour can be a memorable excursion. From Sardinian pecorino to Cannonau, discover the authentic flavors of the island through guided tours to local wineries and farms.

These fascinating places and activities represent only a small part of what Sardinia has to offer away from its famous beaches. With a rental car, you have the freedom to explore all these wonders at your leisure, creating a tailor-made travel experience that will be unforgettable.

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